Casual Friday

So I was watching Ganglands on the History channel. It's a show that document different gangs across the USA. It seems that most gangs are into drug trafficking. Because of the big money they gross these gangs wind up structuring themselves like legit corporations. So I asked myself why don't these guys just work in regular corporate America. Incorporate America you can steal all the money you want without fear of being shot by a rival company or the CEO.

It didn't take me long to decipher the obvious answer. Gangs don't make their workforce where suits, show up at 8am, or sit in a cubicle. The drug trade allows people to express themselves in dress (granted they might have to wear certain colors, but would you join a gang if you didn't like it's colors?). Although, drug trafficking might have you work long hours the employee gets to pick his/her hours, so they can be home when the kids get out of school or make those parent teacher conferences. Or simply not all of us are morning larks some of us are night owls. A company gets the most out of it's workers when it works with individual employees' strengths, rather than forcing them to conform to an arbitrary system that goes against their DNA make up. It's not just the flex schedule that makes gang corps successful. Drug dealing allows a dealer to be out in the open air, out in the sun.

I wondered if investment banks perhaps loosened up on their corporate culture, gave the employees recess or at least desks outside that , allowed baggy pants, and people to make their own hours, that perhaps they'd be more profitable and not begging for money. I don't see any Columbian cartel's begging for money.

I mean it worked for Dolly Parton and Lily Tomlin in "9-5" why not Wall street or Detriot.