Since Role Models are Rich All Kids Should End Up Rich

Everyone is freaking out about the baseball players doing steroids. Supposedly these men are role models for the children. By doing steroids they are setting a bad example for the children. Well, how about you stop testing for drugs in professional sports. Then no one will know about their drug use. The children will especially not know and therefore will be protected from having their role models set bad examples. If no one knows of the wrong doing then essentially the wrong doing hasn't occurred. Stop looking for disappointment. Think positively.

Besides it's probably a frame up anyway. I mean if sports figures of today were once children who looked up to sports figures of the past and the sports figures of the past didn't partake in steroids then how could sports figures today be engage in illicit drug activity? Where did they get the idea to do steroids? It seems impossible. That's all Roger Clemens has to say, “Sandy Cofax didn't juice and he was my role model so you know that I couldn't be doing that. That's how role modeling works.”