Don't Believe the Movies

Did you know that smothering a person to death with a pillow isn't so easy? Movies show death by pillow all the time. In fact there was an episode of "The Wire" where I a woman killed herself accidentally in her sleep with a pillow. But I have found it's not that easy. In fact I think it might be impossible to kill a person with a pillow.

On several occasions while supine in bed with my boyfriend have attempted to put us both out of our misery by smothering him with a pillow. But it doesn't work. There is still all this air for him to breathe. The smothering goes so poorly my boyfriend thinks it's all a joke and fun and games. There is not one ounce of fright in him. This reaction just creates more hostility in me because he's supposed to be suffering and dying not enjoying himself and living.

It has gotten so bad that sometimes he'll look over at me in bed and say, "Hey, Rachael, let's play smother me with a pillow again." I just rollover and sigh a great sigh of despondency. "Come on. It's fun." He'll nudge. And I can do is respond, "No. You don't play that game correctly. Why don't we play you give me a back rub instead?"