Chose Your Own Adventure: All Lead to Death

The medical establishment along with the US government likes to recommend that we the people should exercise and cut down on our sugar and fat intake. They believe that this will cut down on heart disease. They might be right. But I say so what. I execise. I ride my bike in and around New York City. You know what the gasoline and diseal fumes are not doing my body good. I'm sure lung cancer is on the horizon for me, maybe brain cancer depending on how the pollutants attach themselves to my hemoglobin.

So here's a choice you can either execise out in the polluted world which will raise your heart rate and force you to inhale bigger gulps of toxic air and you can spend your last days on nausea causing chemo that will surely bankrupt you, or you can eat all the delicious desserts you want while watching TV and drop dead of a heart attack. Heart attacks are much cheaper as long as you don't have one in front of other people who could call 911 which will wind you up in an hospital--ouch. Heart attacks also kill much more quickly than Cancer the suffering therefore is less. The key to eating an "unhealthy diet" is to make sure you die of a heart attack before you wind up with diabetes. Losing limbs isn't fun.

**Note: To avoid cancer while maintaining an active lifestyle you must engage in extreme sports with high mortality rates like Mountain Climbing.**