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You know what's wrong with this country, and perhaps western civilization as we know it? "The Golden Rule." The golden rule which were taught to mean, "do unto others as you would have them done unto you." It is the begininng and the end of us. You don't get much more self-centered than this axiom. The golden rule teaches us to have a very narrow view of the world and of the others that inhabit it. It presupposes that we are the same. We are not.

Here's how it works. Bill loves running. Bill runs everyday. Bill's cousin, Jared, has a birthday coming up. Bill says to himself, "You know what I'd love to get for my birthday? Nice new running shoes. I'm going to buy Jared a pair of running sneakers." Jared's birthday arrives he opens up his birthday gift from his cousin and Jared begins to cry and he and his one leg crutch out of the room. If only Bill thought of Jared and not of himself in terms of Jared this could have been avoided.

How about this: a married couple living together get into an argument.
M1: From here on in if you leave you're pappers on the floor or on my desk I'm going to throw them out.

M2: That's bullshit you know I'd never do that to you.

M1: Of course not because I'd never leave my papers on the floor or on your shit.

Here M2 is mad because M2 wants to be treated as M2 treats people. M1 is mad because M1 wants things to be neat and organized and doesn't want to deal with M2's crap everwhere. Both are thinking of themselves but M2 is worse becaues M2 is thinking that M2 is morally higher because M2 is implementing the golden rule. M1 of course is a better person because neatness is the way to go.

Another example of the golden rule failing is in the bedroom. If you treat people the way you want to be treated and you have different fetishes well then, the wrong person's ass will always be slapped during sex. The person who wants the ass slapping will slap his/her partner's ass while the person who doesn't want ass slapping will refrain from the ass slapping. Both parties wind up unhappy.

I say stop treating people the way you want to be treated and start treating them the way they actually want to be treated. In other words just because you love brussel sprouts doesn't mean I should have to eat them at dinner.