If North Korea was a student at an international high school, they would be totally called out as posers. They so desperately want to be popular and friends with Iran that North Korean just does whatever Iran does. It's so obvious and sad. You can't just do what other rebel countries are doing and be considered a rebel or even cool. Iran started an illegal nuclear weapons program the next thing you know North Korea has one. So lame. Might as well dye your hair purple North Korea and start listening to the Ramones. Then Iran arrests a female journalist for espionage. A month later North Korea arrests two female journalist. Really, North Korea? Wow, you double the female journalist arrested and now you think you can sit at Iran's lunch table. Paaleease! You need to something big and on your own if you want to be the James Dean of Rebel nations in the modern era. Until then just put your pocket protector back in you in pocket and sit down.