Happy Birthday Aunt Sue

My father has a story he likes to tell about his eldest younger sister. His sister got married at 18 was married for a few years, she and her husband divorced the divorce didn’t work out so they got remarried after a few months they got re-divorced. That time it worked out.

My aunt tells the story of her remarriage this way. She remarried her man and a few months later she looks over at him, throws her palm to her forehead and thinks, “Oh god! I should have had a V8. What was I thinking?”

Last night my aunt informed me that Emminem has joined her V8 club. After 3 months of remarriage he is divorcing his wife a second time. Now the club includes Elizabeth Taylor, Natalie Wood, and my Aunt’s cousin Bobbie. My Aunt is looking for other members of this exclusive club. So for her birthday if you can think of any people who’ve made this kind of choice let me know and I’ll pass the information onto my aunt.

My best friend Anna thought she qualified. I had to explain dating someone a couple of weeks breaking up for a few months and re-dating for a couple more weeks is not the same thing. When you share a life with someone and decide to end it and then revisit that life together, we’ll put you in the club. You know what, Anna date him again this time for years maybe move-in together then break up and we’ll consider giving you honorary membership.


Alex said…
I had an aunt & uncle who married, divorced,remarried, re-divorced.

In between they had 10 children.