Government Bail Out of This Blog

Sometimes I wonder if anyone will ever read comedic genius I publish on this blog. It saddens me to think it's just adrift in the void that is the internet. Happiness rejoins my soul when I remember that the NSA is always reading, or at least their computer programs are and if I write something about anarchy in the USA or terrorism, or the Green Party I'm sure an alert will go off and an actual NSA employee will read my words.

I think the NSA people do enjoy this blog. Despite their Hollywood depiction in movies Enemy of the State (where my beloved Gabriel Byrne has a brief role) I believe that people in the NSA are just like you and me. In the hours they're not trampling on our right to privacy (a right Justice Brandies wrote was enumerated in several other amendments 1,3,4,5, and 14) They want to know how to get a man to commit or what kind of gift to buy for the 90th birthday of relative. I'm sure they too have a crazy, best-friend, folks singer with unending love problems and a superhero like boyfriend. And if they don't they enjoy reading stories about such people.

So thank you NSA for giving me reason to keep on posting to this blog. Without you and your surveillance (a word I can’t spell without spell check) work I would have stopped posting long ago.