Ingenuitity? Stupidity?

Can we discus the ridiculousness of the tissue paper public toilet seat covers? They are horrible. It takes a near eternity to delicately separate the weird toilet flap thing from the part that is to lie on the seat. Then it inevitably falls into the toilet bowl so you have to do it all over again, as the pressure on your bladder and bowels continues to increase. Let’s face it. This millimeter thick piece of tissue does not protect us from the Syphilis, Tuberculosis, Plague that is living on the seat. Hell it can’t even keep you dry from the pee that was left by the person smart enough to still use the hover technique.


Christina said…
The airport in Munich had little sanitizers that you can stick toilet paper under, get sprayed, and then wipe off the seat before using. Gotta love the Germans. Guten tag.