If You've Seen Jonathan Richman Five Times in Concert You Get My Vote

John McCain doesn't relate to the American people. He's 72 years old and he's looking for a new job. What?! Dude, do the American thing and retire. You're already living in Arizona you're half way there.

But hey I can't vote for either of these fools. I don't relate to them at all. These guys just don't speak to my indie-rock/80's movie referencing life-style. Are they going to assure me when they get into office they'll spend their work day illegally downloading music and quoting the Goonies.

I get it Sarah Palin is a woman, and I am a woman, but she has great hair. I waiting for the day a woman with horribly uncontrolable kinky, curly hair runs for office. That's the woman who will know my pain. Maybe she'll legislate against humidity.

Yeah, perhaps we don't need to relate to these people running for office. We're not electing a drinking buddy. We are hiring a president and vice president for our country. They won't be in the cube next to us 5 days a week listening in on our phone calls and bothering us with stories of their cats. They'll be far away in Washington hopefully being more competent than me.