The Great Idea

I share a cube with a man who actually observes the tenets of his Jewish faith. I just said good-bye to him this Friday afternoon. He must get home before sun down so he can properly observe the Sabbath. He has missed quite a bit of work lately because of all the holidays he has to participate in. That's when it occurred to me. I need to develop a religion whose major doctrine is that it's followers are only allowed to spend 30 hours a week (including their commute) to a corporate job. (As all other jobs are either covered by unions or people actually want to do them -- like working in a rock band) and then. Let's face it Jesus didn't do carpentry 40 hours a week. Buddha didn't have a day job.

Yes, I will have a religion that prohibits me working too many hours for the man and the man can't do anything about it because I have a right to practice my religion without discrimination. The Labor Movement really went about things the hard way.