Can You Bend A Spoon with Your Mind?

I was thinking about positive thinking and how sending mental messages out into the universe to get what you want. I think that’s all well in good unless someone wants the exact opposite of what you want, then it is a battle of positive thinking wills.

Let’s put in terms of sports first. The Yankees play the Red Sox. Yankees fans want nothing more than the Yankees to clobber the Red Sox. So you would think that if all the Yankees fans visualize the Yankees clobbering the Redsox then the Red Sox would get clobbered. However, you have a whole bunch of Red Sox fans visualizing and sending out into the universe the Red Sox clobbering the Yankees. So who does the universe pick for the clobbering? It seems the universe more often then not goes with the Yankees. Why? Is it because New York has millions of more people than Boston thereby overloading the positive thinking scales? At first glance that might seem like the answer. But then you have to factor in, most people in the country hate the Yankees and would like nothing more than to see them lose every game. The number of people in the country significantly out numbers the amount of Yankee fans and yet the Yankees do not lose every game. In fact, the Yankees are America’s winningest, professional sport franchise.

My point is I think that the Universe is somewhat of a Yankee fan.

Also if we take this Yankee scenario and extrapolate into our ordinary lives and ordinary positive visualizations we can see how asking the universe for what you want might not always get you what you want. Say, you really want a job and visualize yourself getting that job, but someone at that company really doesn’t want to work with you and they visualize you not getting the job. If the universe likes the other person better, you are out of luck, buddy.
Say you really want your marriage to work, but your spouse really wants you to go away. You both spend hours visualizing and asking for what you want. Only one of you is going to get it. Can you change someone’s mind by sending mental waves out into the universe? I don’t know the answer to that. What I do know is that even though the Yankees are 10 games back of the Red Sox, the Yankees will still probably win the American League East Pennant.


Anonymous said…
I like the way you analyse what's going on with positive thinking, sometimes the outcomes is not always as what we want. Since the factors to affect things are not from one person's or one side's thinking (mind power), there are many other factors matter the results. There are many James Allen's article in here about positive thinking.
rachael said…
The link you included in your comment makes me think you didn't comprehend my intention in the post.