Rachael's Secret To Sucess

A good thing happened to me yesterday. I want to share with you my secret of how I was able to procure this good thing.

First, I got really depressed. My life was going to shit and I obsessed about all the bad things that were happening. I blocked out all the good things that surrounded me, like my friends who put up with me despite my verbal brutality. I also decided not bask in the knowledge that my neigborhood hasn't been invaded by insurgence or a foriegn power. I just strictly focused on the negative. Next, I stopped exercising because I was too tired from a lack of sleep. This contributed to my ever growing depression. Then, I spent money I didn’t really have on eatting out, movies, a trip to CT. The financial stress this caused made me almost in operable as a human. The next thing you know I get a good thing comes my way via myspace. Myspace of all things. I hate myspace it's internet high school without the classes. But there it was a good thing.

See, you too can achieve your goals. All you have to do is give up any hope that you’ll be able to survive one more day on this planet. I like to call it "The power of hopeless thinking."

This is a true story..