Where the Rutles Ever in a Rut?

I know what many of my long time readers are thinking right now, “Why haven’t you been writing about your relationship with Jack?” Good question. I asked Jack the same question last night. I came home after a long day of temping and comedy career pursuing to find my boyfriend Jack watching one of my netflix DVDs with my roommate.

“Hey, babe.” He said as I walked into the kitchen/living room.
“Dude, what the fuck?”
“What do you mean what the fuck? How about hello”
“Our relationship is in a rut.”
“Noooo. Pshaw. No way.”
“Uhh, yes way. I haven’t written about us on my blog in months.”
“That’s because we’re happy.”
“Are we? Are we happy or are you just happy?”
“No. I think we’re happy.”
“I don’t know. Where has the magic gone? I come home and you’re watching a movie with my roommate. First off it’s my Netflix account. You couldn’t have waited until I got home to start the movie?
“This is why our relationship is in a rut? It’s not like we’re not having sex.”
“Sex does not a relationship make.”
“Hey it’s more than most people have.”
“Well, it’s not enough. Where are the days of weather machines, trips to Ice Creamia, antagonizing young criminals for excitement, and visiting your parents (one of which doesn’t use verbs)? We were wacky and in love and I had a ton of things to write about. Now, well…I got nothing.”
“Don’t blame me, girly, just because you have become disinterested in writing about me and you.”
“Who else should I blame? My 4th grade teacher?”
“You’re the writer, you should be able to make our reading in bed funny and interesting if you were so inclined. Don’t be yelling at me, because you are in a rut, missy.”
“Way to be supportive, this is what I’m talking about.”
“Is that who you want me to be, some push over who won’t stand-up for himself?”
“You are missing the point.”
“Or are you in denial?”
“Forget it.”
“Well, after this movie is over I was going to go to Prospect Park and slay a dragon, apparently one has been terrorizing the guys who cruise each other at night in the park. I thought you’d come with me.”
“Yeah, fine, let’s go slay another dragon in Prospect Park. Maybe along the way something exciting will happen.”

Because I mentioned the band in the title here's a video of them.