"How will I know?"

A new birthcontrol pill, Lybrel, will be on the market soon. The big selling point to this pill is that it surpresses a woman's period for as long as she takes the pill. There is one small problem with this: How will women know when the pill has failed them and they are actually pregnant? Women on the pill get pregnant all the time (that's according to my friend Edie, a former public defender and current stay at home mom/Auggie Smith's part time assistant). According to my friend Edie (who disclosed this information while giving me a ride from the Portland Airport) women don't take their birthcontrol pill at the same time everyday like they are supposed to and wind up getting pregnant. I don't see why women would be better at responsibly taking Lybrel then all the other pills so how would they know if the pill was surpessing their periods or it was a fertilized egg. Which means, you're going to have a punch of Lybrel addicted babies being born. Who knows what the consquences of that will be. Women's daughters will never gettheir own periods and women's sons will never grow facial hair, but these boys will be constantly menstruating. (That'd kind of be fun to watch a whole generation of boys who are unable to play sports or hold political office.) Or will these kids just come out of the womb jonesing for estrogen and progestron? Crime rates will soar!