Monday, July 09, 2007

George Michael Once Sang...

I stopped in Gettysburg, PA this weekend. As I strolled the grounds of their military cemetary I overheard a park ranger giving a tour. He said, "Let there be no mistake, both sides (the North and the South) were fighting for freedom." Which of course is true because Americans only fight wars for freedom and since both sides were American then they both had to fight for freedom. The south fought to be free of the U.S. government and for the freedom to enslave people. The North fought for the freedom to compell the South to sell their goods cheapily to the North and the buy Northern manufactured goods at an exuberant price. All I have to say is thank God freedom won the the U.S. Civil War.

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Christina said...

Having the same blogger problem. You have to slide your cursor onto the top line of the box just so and click really fast to get it in there.

That took me half an hour to figure out. Yeah. It did.