Could Jesus Have Been Right?

I've been a big proponent of getting in people's face and sticking up for myself when I think I've been wronged. It seems now that maybe being an asshole even the face of another asshole who started it might not be the best course of action. In the end the only asshole you hurt just might be your own.

Say someone sends you an email with unrequested criticism for a work in progress. The email incorporates the whole corporate america emotional manipulative language. Quoting, "I think your piece is off to a good start, but I think you have some work to do. I definitely will want to see that second draft, and it might even need a third draft. You obviously have a great sense of humor, and excellent delivery, now if we can just make this a super tight piece of writing." It's all so condescending. Now, Jesus would have ignored the email. That's probably why some people think of Jesus as a god. Perhaps, ignoring the email would have been the best course of action. Or at least a better response than the passive agressive email I sent. Quoting a section of my email : "...Basically, I was attempting to emulate Spalding Gray in my approach to this topic. I know you're not a performer so I don't how familiar you are with his stuff (then bla bla bla about how i'm fixing the peice)...(ending with)Thank you for contacting me with your comments and concerns."

So now I have fucked myself. With my snide little Spalding Gray comment passive agressively declaring myself the superior performer I now have to kill at this reading series show Tuesday. If I had kept my figurtive mouth shut I could suck as much as I want, but now I've threatened to throw down the performing gauntlet. Only problem, I don't have a gauntlet I have a badminton racquet.

What I should have done was scrap my piece entirely and make-up a tear jerking story of how I was abused as a child. Then I wouldn't have to be funny. Then the peice wouldn't have to be good because the expeirence I related would have been horrific so horrific no one would have cared about grammar or my oral interpretation abilities. And wouldn't miss critical have felt foolish for being so coy to a victim such as myself. Yes, that's what Jesus would have done and I that's why people pray to him.


Abbi said…
I pray to Jesus because he gives me presents on Christmas.