Good News, Ladies

So you're getting a sinking feeling that "He's Just Not That Into You." Well, stop blaming yourself. It's probably not your fault. He's probably a socio-path. If the dude isn't calling you it's because he doesn't care and well, sociopaths are unable to love or care about anyone. If after one date or seven dates someone doesn't call you back it's because they lack a conscience. (This also goes for comedians who run shows and refuse to respond to your calls, emails or myspace messages.) Sociopaths by definition have no conscience and there is nothing you can do about that.

However, beware ladies, if a man is calling you he is still probably a sociopath. Sociopaths sometimes pretend to care so that they can manipulate people. If a dude is calling you it's because he's trying to manipulate you. He wants to control you and well, that's what sociopaths do.

Also if your boyfriend is killing you for no reason, he's a sociopath. Though, most sociopaths aren't murderers in this case he probably is. However, if your boyfriend is killing you because he's heartbroken that you are sleeping with someone else, then he's not a sociopath because he's capable of love and therefore capable of remorse. So if you can escape death I'd say that man is a keeper.