Orange Juice and Chicken Soup

Did you think I was on strike these last couple of days? Did you think that even though I'm not in a union or guild I was striking anyway because I love strikes that much? Well, I do love strikes but unfortunately I didn't stop writing due to some sense of solidarity with my hollywood brethren. Nope, I have a cold. I am sick. I reccommend after reading this you guys go and wash your eyes out to keep unwanted germs from infecting you. It doesn't have to be anti-bacterial regular old eye-soap will due. Let's nip this virus in the bud with good old eye sanitation.


Abbi said…
Get well soon, as in for the show this Friday. I'm still battling a cold too. I might look into this chicken soup thing you're recommending. Hippy.
Anonymous said…
Blech. You're not alone. I was sick too.

Get well soon!
Star said…
hello rachael! my name is star! i was just reding some blogs, when i happened upon yours. it's quite random, yet entertaining to read! i'll read up some more later. you can check out my blog if you like: