Analogy Perhaps

I doubt very much if the tightrope walker is scared of walking a tightrope. He probably loves it. You and I would be scared to do it because we don't know what we are doing and lack faith in ourselves that we would ever really know what we were doing even with instruction and practice.

I imagine what really makes the tightrope walker feel vulnerable isn't the possibility of plunging to his death or even merely falling off the rope but catching himself in front of a tent full of people. No, it's probably trotting out in a unitard in front of people he knows. Sure his physique is exposed to us as well, but we are all too mesmerized with is death defying feat to care about what he's wearing. We are putting ourselves in his place and loving every minute of it. However if his friends, family, or peers are watching he knows they don't care about the tight rope walking they are looking at him in his unitard and thinking, "he put on a few pounds. " Some of them are probably making speculations about his male prowess. And there speculations might be completely inaccurate. What these people see from several stories below might not be what they think they see. But he can only imagine what they're thinking.

The tightrope walker walks the tightrope for himself and for us, not for people who care about unitard.