Stories on TV

Last night the local news reported...the contents of Spitzer's hooker's myspace page. Is this your investigative reporting. The reporter get saying the phrases, "according to her myspace page," and "she wrote on her myspace page." You know who has a myspace page? My boyfriend Jack. (I'd link it here for you but he lost the password awhile ago and hasn't been able to log on or update his profile. There is no picture or anything.) And, this is local new's top source on the Spitzer scandal.

Meanwhile, I saw a preview for the next Inside Edition. Inside Edition asks, "What's it really like to run a prostitution ring?" Then they cut to a reporter casually asking a pimp how much he used to charge for one of his girls. I guess this story is for people who are looking to go into business for themselves. Some of them were thinking, "I'd like to open up a prostition enterprise, but I just don't know what it's really like. You know because right now I'm on the fence do I go with the sex industry or do I open a coffee shop--perhaps a Starbucks franchise?" This way people will know whether or not you always have to beat-up your employees. Maybe you only have to do it once and then you can just verbally threaten from that point foward. Also what kind of benefits does a prostition ring have to provide for it's ladies? Is it all fun and games or is it hard work? Can you sleep with the women you employ or does that violate your office's sexual harassment policy?

Thank you news media for really helping the rest of us sort this whole sex scandal out.


myka said…
According to my father's myspace page he doesn't want any children.