In Honor of the Gov

It occurred to me the other day that until recently women paid for sex for centuries. Ever since the agrarian age and the dawn of monotheism women were only allowed to have sex with their husbands. If they had sex out of wedlock (prior to marriage, or during with someone else not their husband) they were stoned to death. Until about the mid 1800s if a woman wanted to get married she had come up with a dowry. Basically the groom's family (or his pimp) had to be compensated monetarily or in livestock (which many times were competition for the bride of her husband’s sexual attention) by the bride or her family. If the woman had no dowry than she had to promise to do all the house work, farm work, a children rearing in order to nab a husband who would give her a sex life.

My point is if men hate marriage so much why did they create a system where women were forced to marry them?


answer man said…
simple. Hookers don't make breakfast.
rachael said…
Hookers will make you breakfast if you pay them enough.