Drinking: It's Who You Are

I was talking to a friend the other day about drinking. She was defending some dude's douche-baggy actions. She explained that he acted all douche baggy because he was drunk at the time. I said that's no excuse. Drinking doesn't cause one to act mean-spirited. "Look at you, " I said, "When you get drunk you're not an asshole. You have sex with people. Who could complain about that."

That's my point. Alcohol doesn't change who you are it only lessens your inhibitions. Inhibitions enable a person to refrain from acting on all their impulses. Whether that be random sex acts or calling a woman "the 'C' word." Alcohol doesn't cause those impulses alcohol weakens your resistance to act on them. I know most times I drink alcohol I find that I'm happy. Who knew I've been fighting happiness all these years.