The benefits of a Boyfriend

I've decided, randomly, to list the benefits of having a boyfriend.

1. A boyfriend instantly doubles the amount of zits to pop, hairs to pluck, pores to squeeze, and random body growths to scratch. A boyfriend doubles your grooming disorder satisfaction.

2) He is a constant and instant bowling partner day or night, weekend or weekday.

3)A boyfriend can be used as a free massage therapist.

4)Biodegradable back scratcher. Unlike a piece of plastic, formed in the shape of a little hand with a long handle, that will eventually spend it's eternity in a landfill, your boyfriend will replenish the soil and feed the worms and insects. And, not only does your boyfriend have a hand he also has a spare one just in case anything happens to the first one. That's saving you can see.

5) Your boyfriend makes you feel like a superior human. Do you see how you are able to pay your bills on time and not spill things on yourself? You thought that was common place and that everyone could do that, but now after dating your boyfriend you realize how special you are.