Jan 2nd Already? Boy has 2009 Flown by!

Most people spend the weeks leading up to New Years Day planning and plotting their New Years resolutions. Not me. I was too busy living out 2008 to worry how I would improve myself in 2009. I finally made a New Years resolution around 11:30pm December 31st 2008.

After having consumed a gargantuan amount of food---Pork dumplings, meat balls, potato pancakes, salad, ice cream and wine I decided in 2009 I would cease eating. There Dick Clark was staring me in the face trying to still be TV personality when I realized sometimes we have to give up the things we have loved doing for years. Our bodies at some point in time betray us. I used to be able to eat food and not gain a pound unless a grew a couple of inches first, but not these days. Further, I'm tired of the same old same old. You know? Of having to buy food, prepare food, then find the time to eat the food. And then there's all the energy wasted on digesting the food. Which of course you know you need food for the energy to digest the food. Why not cut out the middle man and just not bother with eating?

So 2009 will see this cookie, slimmer, trimmer, more energy effecient and with a ton of more time of my hands now that my life won't have to deal with food consumption.

I'm sure 2009 will be a year to remember. Too bad I won't have any fatty acids left in brain to hold those memories.