The Literati

New Yorkers are readers. They have lots of time to kill commuting on an inefficient and corrupt mass transit system. The great irony though, is that these people have no place to store all the books and magazines they read in their tiny apartments. I guess that goes to show you that reading doesn't necessarily make you smarter. Smart people wouldn't live in cramped, rodent infested, over-priced boxes with no room for the books they love to read.

I am one such imbecile. However, I thought I had found a solution to my book problem. My answer was to store my books at my parents place in NJ. You see my parents have all these bookshelves throughout their house but not so many books. I presented the idea to my mother. "Hey, mom why don't I fill your bookshelves in the living room with my books that I shouldn't keep in my apartment?"
"Umm. Hmm? No. That's not what the bookshelves are for?" She replied.
"What?! That is exactly what a bookshelf is for books. "
"No, the books they look so messy and they colors of the spines don't go with room. Too many errant colors. You can keep them in boxes in the basement."
"But they'd be so much easier to get to and find if they were unpacked on a bookshelf."
"Rachael, if I put your books on the shelves then where am I going to put all the family photos?"
"On the fridge like a regular American."
"And clutter the surface of the fridge? How unseemly. Rachael, you've been breathing too much of that toxic city air. Everyone knows that bookshelves are for pictures and decorative pottery. You don't park on the parkway do you?"