10 Cent Word and Indie Rock Song Equal Ungettable Parody

I've written a song parody that very few will appreciate.

It's to the tune of Sugar's "Helpless" My version is called "Feckless." I've included the video for the song so you can all sing along at home.


You always fail time after time
You know you act so feckless, I
Am at a loss. Jump start your mind
Try fish oil suppliments, yeah

Sometimes I've got to tell you
Is it this time I'll tell you
Your lack of competence
Is driving me utterly crazy

A stubbed toe a broken nose
You fall down walk into walls
You can't pay your rent or put on your clothes
You're life is such a mess

I have tried to help you
But you are oh so feckless
There is nothing more I can do
Maybe you're just very special

A lost job and a towed car
Can you be more feckless? I
Don't see you getting very far
You are oh so feckless. I
Waste my time on your so feckless. I
So so feckless. I

You're left alone with something
It breaks within thirteen minutes
Don't have a baby, baby
Keep those genes tucked and hid away

A stubbed toe a broken nose
You fall down and walk into walls
Can't pay your rent or buy new clothes
Your life is such mess