The Power of Love is Transformational

For decades--perhaps centuries--pop culture has been telling us that women and men are so different. Women ask unanswerable questions like, "Do I look fat in this outfit?" and Men love flipping through channels and having sex. First, can we just take a second and ask if any man is in a relationship with a skinny or fit woman? I mean, it's not hard to answer, "no" if she doesn't look fat and if she isn't. Because if men are only in relationships with fat women then why are all those gals starving themselves for.

I digress.

As you can see I never really bought into the notion that women and men are so different. I never identified with the characteristics that were being ascribed to women. I didn't nag. I didn't care about how much money a dude made. And all my male friends (granted most of them I knew from Art College) didn't seem to fit those macho stereo-types. And then I moved in with a man in a romantic sort of way. I've had male roommates before but this was different. And within two months I had been transformed into my mother. Living with a man your dating make you your mother. I went from a non-intrusive laise-faire kind of person to a nagging and demanding woman and of course like a woman, I blame him.

I went from saying things like, "Yeah let's eat there that sounds fine" to "Why can't you put your clothes away." From "Let's stay in and watch a movie, that'll be fun" to "Are you ever going to finish that book shelf/entertainment center you're building? The living room is a mess. This is totally unfair."

The only benefit of living with a man you're dating is saving on rent.