Mom's Seen The Light and I don't Look Good In It

I know my mother has given up on me. She looks at me and sees a life long temp living paycheck to paycheck. Mom, didn't come out and say "I know you're going nowhere and I've come to terms with it." My mom is much more subtle. Instead, she said, "Hey, you know I think you should spend more quality time with your aunt. You guys should get to know each other better. You know you're aunt doesn't have any children of her own?"
"Yes, mother I know your older sister has no children, I've known the women 31 years."
"I'm just mentioning that because it's something you two have in common. Something you can discuss as you make in roads into her good graces. You know she's your godmother?"
"Yes, I know that."
"Good, make sure you remind her constantly. Oh and Rachael, make sure she comes out and sees your comedy act. Playing on a person's heart strings can be a very effective strategy."
"Mom, I'm very funny."
"I know dear, but no one comes to the shows anyway."
"Quality time with your sister it is."