Is the Band Playing? Because the Titanic is Sinking

Hipsters* must be in ironic bliss with the arrival of the Swine Flu (Recently rebranded H1N1 virus, as to not offend pig farmers and those who don't eat pork. I think they should haver renamed it Swine Toflu or Swine Toflutie but the CDC never asks for my opinions on these matters.). Just when we thought our demise would come in 20-40 years from global warming related destruction turns out the human race is going down in the blaze of glory known as Swine Flu (H1Ni virus) and we're doing this May.

And you all though the Christian right didn't have a clue thinking global warming was a load a crap. You thought Monsanto and Dow chemical were lying about pollution not being a problem. Turns out it was the Museum of Natural History and their crazy notion we're going to run out of drinkable water in 50 years that was driving the looney train.

It's been a nice ride. I would have loved to see Machu Pichu. I guess I should have planned better.

*Hipster: Human person usually found living in urban areas. The males tend to be quite skinny. Both male and females seem to feed on irony. They dress ironically; watch tv ironically; and, converse to one another ironically. However, they listen to music like elitists and are always on the look out for the most obscure, independent, rock and roll band. Their favorite emotions are ennui and boredom. Most hipster are in their 20s though some can be found in high schools and some are as old as 48 years old. A large percentage of them are thought to have trust funds, but an accurate percentage can not be calculated due to the fact almost none of them will admit to it. Whether they have a trust fund or not most claim to earn a living in the graphic design industry.