It's a God Damn Miracle!

Last night the most amazing thing happened to me. I headed out to Jersey City to perform at Melissa Surach's show "Babyhole." I had performed at her show before and was happy to but didn't think much of it. Well, since the last time I headed out there she had changed venue. It was once held at some loft space on Christopher Columbus Avenue and now it's held at a neighborhood bar. It's an important detail because the loft space was only patronized by Jersey City artists and musicians in the know where as the bar's patrons are anyone who stops in to see what the neon lights are all about.

I did my 15 minute set to warm, attentive laughter to the 15-20 people in the bar. It was a lovely mix of new and old material that flowed seamlessly from one bit to the next. After my set a fellow comes up to me and says, "Great set. Can I buy you a drink."
"Thanks. Actually, I'm not drinking right now due to intestinal problems."
"Yeah. As hard as it is for me to turn down a gifted a drink I'm trying to be an adult and not live in the moment but think about the future."
"Ha. Can I buy you a glass of water? And we can talk about your future."

At first I thought he was trying to hit on me. Which is awesome. Not only did my set go well but now someone thinks I'm hot or at least bedable.

Unfortunately, for my feminine ego he was not after me for sex. He was however, interested in developing a web series for me on He works for HBO development and he's in charge of a new web project they're working on to provide exclusive web content for people who already subscribe to HBO the channel.Then might for a reduced fee offer the web channel to people who don't get HBO normally, but the content will be different. Get this, not only is exposure for what I do.They're going to pay me money. Not just drink tickets. Like thousands of dollars in money. All because his cousin, who lives in Jersey City, was dumped by his girlfriend and devastated. Mark (HBO executive) hustled out to JC to console his cousin with drinks at the local watering hole. Neither of them expecting to find themselves in the middle of a music and comedy show.

Can you believe it?