It's A New Day

Yesterday was opening day for the new Yankee Stadium. People made a big deal about the old stadium closing and now this one opening. I had been to the old Yankee Stadium a number of times in my 31 years on this planet though the days might have been memorable the building itself wasn't. It was a big concrete edifice gray and bland on the inside with dirty seats that looked out onto a lawn. I grew up in the suburbs I've seen plenty of lawns.

But the games themselves were memorable. I saw the one-handed pitcher, Jim Abbot, pitch a no hitter against the Indians. I remember going to a game with dad's army buddy's family from DeKalb, IL. The middle child 13 year old who played the French Horn informed me in a horrified tone that my college colors were the colors of the gays. "Maybe in DeKalb, kid but in the Northeast they use a rainbow, similar to the one coming out the unicorn's ass you have there on your sweatshirt." At 9 years old I took Lisa N. to a Red Sox game, before she was my arch-nemesis hoping to win her favor and enjoy social life san strife and ridicule. But, much like that game had the stands filled with Red Sox fans (because Yankee fans couldn't be bothered to show up) the people in my metaphorical stands were not my fans either. And who could forget the game I didn't get to go to two years ago? Security wouldn't allow my two male friends in to the stadium because they were carrying backpack type bags. You know like everyone in NYC does because we have no cars to leave or shit in. Because the subway ride to the Bronx is long and we need reading material or music playback device to pass the time, or, of course, perhaps you've come from work and are carrying your laptop. Don't worry women were allowed in to the stadium with a personal carry-on item. If only there I wonder if the new stadium has the same sexist policy or if the Yankees will enforce their anti-New Yorker policy equally to both sexes.

My point is I'm a Yankees fan, but I'm not a fan of the stadiums. My memories could have happened in any structure that allows people to sit together and watch baseball. Stadiums in general are not usually architectural marvels. They're not like the Chrysler Building or the Guggenheim Museum. Stadium are big and oafish. They block out the sun for the residents surrounding and chop up a neighborhood all at the expense of the tax payer. (Where are the Tea Parties when new stadiums are erected?)