Faster than a Speeding Bullet more Influential than Oprah

Uh Oh Oprah, it looks like someone is cutting on your share of world influence. Hugo Chavez has started his own book club he's calling "The Chavez Petroleum Book Club." Though, Chavez's book club has far less titles to recommend to readers his book club seems 20 times more influential than the Chicago talk show hosts.

Dana Lason of Brooklyn thinks, "It's the low numbers of books he recommends that keeps his book club realistic. Everyone can afford to buy a book once a decade. I mean even my struggling actor friends in Queens can afford a book once in awhile." Gail May of Pittsburgh adds, "10 or 20 years is ample amount of time for me to finish a book. Oprah makes it so hard with books every month to read. How can I read a book in a month? My life is hectic. I have three grade school kids to run all over town, not mention my Jewelry making business"

It seems people all over the world are ditching Oprah's book club for the less cheery and hopeful, but more logistically practical book club of Chavez. Though, some interviewed have switched to Hugo Chavez merely because he goes by his last name which to them seems less arrogant than Oprah Winfery going by her first name.

Some close to Oprah fear she may use her billions to support a Coup in Venezuela to over throw Chavez so that she can dominate the book club market once again. There has been no word if President Obama will try to negotiate peace between the two parties. President Obama does have books in his personal library from both book club lists but it seems he hasn’t read any of them yet.