I've Solved All Our Problems

It started out with me wanting to ban dating for people under 18 years of age. I figure dating is as unhealthy for interpersonal relationships between men and women as cigarette smoking is for our lungs. Immature boys and girls date one another and treat each other badly because of their immaturity and out of control hormones making them act irrationally. What happens that humans enter adulthood with tons of baggage regarding the opposite sex. There's a lot of mistrust and hatred of women by men and men by women. I figured I'd put a stop to that by supporting legislation that bans dating for those under 18 years of age.

My fiance James pointed out that, though a ban on underage dating is a good start, there is still the problem of the psychological scarring that our parents inflict on us.

And that's when genius struck. All human babies will be given to wolves to raise. The question of what will the new generation do about language arose. I answer that concern with, "Nothing." The new generation of Humans will be adept at communicating like a wolf. The new generation will be the Wolf-People Generation a loving unscarred generation of co-operative hunters. The added bonus is that wolves don't know how to bank.

WOLF-PEOPLE get on board.