The other night I sat in a bar with some people I knew. I can't remember who, and I'm not sure if it was yesterday. Come to think of it I don't know if I knew these people or I just overheard the conversation. The details aren't important. One dude said to another, I'm pretty sure everyone else was male, "Hey man, have another drink. " The other fellow declined or was mulling it over, all I know is he did not answer right away. The first dude then said, "Oh, no man, I don't want cajole you into another drink that's a sign of an alcoholic." Basically, by asking someone, perhaps, aggressively asking someone to have another round with them makes the asker an alcoholic. Whomever imparted this information to the first dude must have been a teetotaler from 1800 Quaker Pennsalvania.

Here's why this idea is stupid. I've had people harass me to see horror films. These people really enjoy horror films. I do not, so they try desperately to convince me to go with them to the horror films. Now, are my friends who enjoy to be frightened addicted to scary cinema? No. They happen to really enjoy horror films and want me to have a great experience as well. Kind of like when a girl sucks on a guy's nipples, because she really enjoys when her nipples are stimulated, and he's all "Hey watcha doing?" And she responds, "What?" and he asks"Why are you doing that?" And she answers "Because I want you to feel what I feel" and then the boy sighs and the girl gets discouraged and they lie in awkward silence. Is she addicted to horror films? Or nipples? Is she an addict? Maybe. But, not because she wants another person to enjoy what she enjoys.

My point is, if you were an alcoholic you wouldn't want other people drinking the alcohol. The more alcohol other people drank the less alcohol for you. A real alcoholic would probably say, "Don't you fucking take one more sip of that vodka tonic! It's mine, I tell ya! Mine!" Kind of like Daffy Duck when he finds riches.