In the Words of Maggie Esteppe, "MARRY ME!"

A couple of weeks ago my best friend Anna met a lumberjack fellow after a folk show she performed at. She called me immediately and told me, "Rachael, he's the man I'm going to marry so I never have to pine again."

I think if a person isn't going to marry for love they might as well marry to save their own sanity. (Nothing drives a person crazy like non-stop pining.) I think it's a more virtuous reason than marrying for money, or for your biological clock that's running low on batteries, or for the need of a beard to show off at Christian Right rallies where you're a key-note speaker.

Only problem with my best friend Anna marrying to subside the pining, she probably shouldn't have called me to tell me that infront of the lumberjack. Better luck next time girly.


Will McKinley said…
It's summertime and thoughts of love and marriage are in the air!