If You Know Shed Some Light

Below is my horoscope for this past Saturday as interpreted by astrologer Holiday Mathis:

Money flows through your fingers. The important part is that you do have a flow, as stagnation will dwindle away at your sense of abundance. The old adage applies tonight: Don't sell it if it's already sold.

What the hell does that mean? If she didn't know what to write she should have just written so. Or she could have stated that there weren't any major astrological things going on. She could have told us Cancers, "Hey, today is probably going to be alot like yesterday. Not much to speak of going on in the heavenly bodies. Some days even the stars need to take a break. Check back in two or three days."

I understand astrology is bullshit, but if she's going to take the time to write horoscopes out, and the Boston Herald is taking the time to publish what she has written, can't we at least keep up the pretence that astrology shows us a truth and insight into ourselves and the future. Come on. Just a little effort here, that's all I'm asking.