I Went to the Beach. Jack Worked

Yesterday, I took a trip to the Jersey shore. It was lovely. I left Jack at home. He had to work on a proposal to help the Gagantian tribe of Slandar (a remote island off the Philippines) reconnect with their gods. Apparently, the Gagantian feel the gods have become emotionally unavailable and despondent. They believe the gods feel unloved and betrayed. The Gagatian have pled with the gods for forgiveness, but the Gods just make curt comments and turn a cold shoulder. Ganatian people have spiraled in a tailspin of depression. They don't know what to do to get the gods to trust them again. Jack is on the side of the Gagantian. He told me, "The gods are really being unreasonable. July is the height of Tumar (a Gagantian sport) season and that's where people are focusing their energy. I mean, for the other 11 months of the year the Gagantian are completely devoted to their gods. I think maybe the gods should lighten up and give their people a month to explore their own interests."

I told Jack, "I agree, that is completely unreasonable of the gods, but aren't the gods a manifestation of the Gargantian imagination and/or culture? They've created the gods and therfore created the strife in their own collective heads. The relationship in a sense doesn't actually exist and therefore the neither does the strife."

Jack replied, "Rachael, are you really going to judge a group of people expending a great deal of emotional energy on relationship that only exits in their own heads?"

Dropping my head to my chest I whispered, "No."