Me and the Green Van

Today I drove to Jersey. Driving in front of me was a green van with a sign displayed in its back window, "Not for hire." Isn't the green van full of itself-- driving around the tri-state area assuming people want to hire you. Execuse me, green van, but when did I proposition you for work? Do I look like a child abductor seeking a bloodless vehichle to work out of? And even if I was a child abductor I don't have the money to hire you for my nefarious plans. Not that I imagine you cost much, just look at yourself, you're green--how 2002. No matter, I'd rather spend my two dollars hiring a chipwich to make me happy for five minutes.

That's right green van, I don't want you. How dare you reject me before I even ask for your acceptance. I did not put myself out there on a limb. I did not make myself vulnerable before your wheels. In fact, that is exactly why people don't ask for what they want; don't make themselves vulnerable; or become actors because they fear rejection. I don't need your unsolicited rejection!

So you know what, green van? I reject you. What do you mean you didn't ask for me? Too bad. I reject you. I reject you! I reject you!! How do you like it?
Sorry dear readers I don't have a picture of the rejecting green van. It's hard to snap a photo while I'm checking my email on my phone, eating a donut and driving a stick shift automobile. Come-on, I only have two hands and two knees.


Ivan said…
Very interesting article. I really enjoyed reading.
Once I need to transport my stuff and I called to van hire company and booked one, but it wasn't green. Driving van is little bit different than driving sedan, because vans are significantly taller, longer and wider than cars and have a wider turning radius.
Oliver said…
Today, advertisement on a car is a really workable and profitable thing and of course, not expensive. Many companies have knew about it, that is why they want their ads to be everywhere, in every their own car. In New York, almost every man and van working for a company has stickers on a car, and sometimes there are so many stickers, that it is a difficult to find what color the car is.
It is a business!
But this green van shocked me a lot. I thought van owners always want to earn money.