America's Past Time-Reality TV

If professional football was like the presidential race the NY Football Giants would be enjoying their off season already. Last week all the experts on the television and in Las Vegas said that the Cowboys of Dallas were going to beat the Giants of NY (who play in NJ). All the prognosticators had the same story: The Cowboys were a better team and there was no chance for the Giants to win the game. Does that sound familiar? Isn't that what the experts say about Dennis Kucinich, and Ron Paul? And like gamblers, who place their bets on the teams favored as opposed to the team they want to win, the American voter votes for the candidates they are told have a shot to beat the other party.

Fortunately, in football the Giants actually got to play the Cowboys and it turned out all the experts were wrong. The Cowboys weren't the better team because the Cowboys couldn't catch the ball and the Giants could.

That's the problem with primaries. These guys and one gal don't get to actually play the game. Instead politicians, much like Terrell Owens, just toot their horns telling us all how awesome they are and that we should get our popcorn ready. Do you think Terrell Owens took a play out Hilary's playbook and got a little weepy in front of the media? Well, I want my politicians to play a little. Let America see what these politicians are made of. Let's see how they respond under pressure and in -24 degree weather. The primaries should not consist of conning Iowans into believing you care. Rather, it should be more like "Survivor." We'll put these candidates in some sort of government housing and then set up challenges they have to complete. The last person to sell weapons to the Contras wins their party's nomination. Then we can see who really has the guts to stand-up to Wal-Mart and Halliburton.

All I'm saying is that if I had national exposure I could tell the nation that I'm the best wide receiver ever to play football. If I'm a really good public speaker I could convince you that despite my size, age, and the fact I have five titanium pins in my left ankle that it's true. I'd never have to play a regular season game to prove myself. You all would vote me to the Pro Bowl. And then, it's too late. By the time you see me stink it up at the Pro Bowl I would already be in Hawaii on the NFL's dime. And it wouldn't matter that there are no weapons of mass destruction on the big Island because I already got a free vacation.

My point. I think the Giants have a chance against the Packers and I don't think Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich will ever be given a chance.