The Dude Might Read This But:...Oh Well

Last Monday I went to an open mic to hone my craft. I told a joke that I've been working on for a couple of months. You can read a version of it here. It's changed a bit from its original form. Now, In part of the joke I say, "I found him, he's 31, works for the Kaplan Learning Center, and just got kicked out of a band that no one has ever heard of." I got off stage Monday Night and sat down next to two comedians I had never met before. The one guy says, "Hey, I work for the Princeton Review."
I smiled like a kid with her hand caught in the cookie jar and said, "Oh. Well, it's not you."
He laughed and then asked, "Was it Gary?"
Ooops. I'm a lazy lazy comedian. This is what happens when I can not bothered to change the details in my jokes. I had thought about changing the details, but never really got around to it. Once I thought I could change Kaplan to night manager of Kinkos. But now I have this egg on my face epilogue to tell after the above referenced joke, which gets laughs. This means I have to keep the Kaplan -shitty band thing because night manager at Kinkos isn't specific enough. There are too many of them for a random comic to even bother asking if it's the same guy. Ooo unless I change Kaplan to the mail room of Deloite and Touche. I can just take the company that some other dude I once dated worked for and insert it into a joke about this other guy.

Here's some advice fellas: if you're planning on bringing a girl home with you make sure she's not a comedian, folk singer, or poet. (Do you see what I did there? I blamed the victim.)

**please note that as of april 17, 2008 the name of the dude and his place of work has been changed. Because he asked me too. I'm flattered he thinks that this blog is so popular his reputation could be damaged. Or maybe he thinks people will google search him and find the blog. But that has not happened in the 4 months this post has been up. My point is that the comments may not make sense now.


dl004d said…
Why not say he works for Kaplan Test Prep instead?
Christina said…
Well, yes, of course. It's always the victim's fault.