Saturday Morning Sunrise

When I was in high school Law and Order was a popular show. Over 12 year later it is still quite popular so popular that it has spawned two or three spin off and every station has their own police detective show and/or franchise. Well if that's the Hollywood trend I want to quickly jump on the high school drama genre. Today I offer up my own drama that takes place in a public high school.

It's called "Saturday Morning Sunrise." Each week we'll follow 10 New Jersey teenagers who are determined to go all the way to Nationals in speech and debate, or what they call Forensics. These warriors of oral communication get their dedicated asses up and out of bed at the crack of dawn Saturday mornings (a non-school day) to compete. They ride on a bitterly cold school bus in order to travel to another garden state high school with nothing but their dreams of Investment Banking, Business Consulting, and scientific research. You think it's easy? Well, you try getting up early on Saturday after a Friday night of Pictionary and soda.

Episode highlights will include maverick forensicator, Rebbecca (who doesn't practice and doesn't study, and yet she's still in AP English and Honors math.), gets herself a boyfriend. He's a modern dancer affiliated with the band. In this very mature, adult episode this couple make-out a little, which is the most action anyone on the team has seen. Oh the scandal.

The episode when the Montville Township Mustang Forensicators have their world shaken upon hearing the news that alum Rashid Patel gave up his Investment Banking job after just two years. He said, "Who cares if you make a ton of money if you have no time to enjoy it." The team does a lot of soul searching, in the end they realize Rashid must be on drugs, like a football player or dead head, or something crazy.

I think the season ending Cliff Hanger will involve Irvin. It turns out the National Forensics tournament in Indianapolis takes place the day before Montville Township's graduating ceremony. Will Irvin, who is the salutatorian, make it back to New Jersey in order to give his speech?

Now don't go stealing my idea people.


Sal said…
When does Rebbecca learn that her modern dancer boyfriend is gay?

I guess she could also find out that her modern dancer boyfriend is going steady with several of the lady modern dancers since he's probably the only straight one on the modern dance team.