Vote for Me

Last night two of my friends informed me that they would not vote for me if I were to run for President. They felt my temper made me a bad presidential choice. They feared I'd nuke to many countries because the leaders of said country didn't call me back or invite to me some fun summit. Mimicking me as President, "I can't believe Saudi Arabi didn't call me back, those bastards. And after I sold them $300 million worth of weapons. You know what? Fuck them. Where's the button?" I thought this was unfair because I wouldn't be stupid enough to sell weapons to Saudi Arabi. When we sell weapons to countries that are England (whom we didn't sell weapons to-- we lent and leased) it always bites us on the ass the anyway. And if I were to sell weapons to Saudi Arabi you'd think they would want more than $300 millon worth as the US dollar is really weak right now. How many weapons could you possibly buy for that sum of money? Like six?

Anyway, I disagree with my friends assment of how my notorious temper would play out. I think it would actually come in handy as President. I think other world leaders would work with me because they would fear my anger. "We better invite President Parenta to the World Bank Summit. If she finds we all went and didn't invite her, I don't think she's going to trade with us anymore." That would be my platform. If you elect me president I promise the US will get invited to all the cool parties.

more election fun tomorrow when I compare the Giants to Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.


Anonymous said…
Also, you'll never be President because you're a woman.