This Just In: Rachael Still Giants Fan Despite UnFunny Center

Despite Giants' center Shaun O'Hara's inability to crack a funny joke Rachael Parenta is still rooting for the Giants this Sunday.

Before the NFC championship game O'Hara was accused by a Green Bay Packer of being a dirty player. O'Hara's responded with a tongue and cheek comment that he showered and used deordant everyday. The reporters rightfully so (for once) did not laugh. The sports reporters did not even give him a mercy chuckle. It is unclear if anyone in the press room smiled as the press was not on camera during O'Hara's press conference. During the press conference the center game back to the joke several times as if he thought the lack of laughter was due to people not hearing him the first time. Unfortunately, we did all hear it and it was not funny.

Rachael Parenta was hoping that her favorite linesmen would follow his quarterback's lead and not try to be charming or funny. "One does not have to be funny unless one is trying to be funny," said Ms. Parenta in an interview with herself. "It's not awkward to be dull. However, it awkward to tell jokes like a used car salesman on regional television." Despite this embarassing faux pas by the Rutgers alumn Rachael Parenta will still be rooting for the Giants this coming sunday. When she asked her self about it she said, "Love is not blind. I see how some of the Giants are not as charming as they think they are. But that's what love is. Love is knowing the awful truth and loving your team anyway. These guys might not be joke tellers but they block well. Plus, beating an unbeaten team is easy. Comedy is hard."



Anonymous said…
Is O'Hara writing for your act?

LOL! Just kidding! :D