Kinder Gentler Tomorrow

Apparently, drug dealers and the Cartels that employ them don't really care about their image. Yesterday, it was reported that liquid herion was being smuggled into the US in puppies. It's one thing to smuggle drugs in desperate young, women--- but puppies! This is going too far.I know drug dealers sell products that sell themselves, but so do energy companies and you don't see Exxon transporting oil in kittens because it's cheaper. And if oil companies were to be so bold they definitely would hire a high priced PR firm to spin their new transport method to the American public.

I think it's time that our drug dealers tried to at least present a kinder gentler image to the public. They should tell us they only use terminally ill puppies, and that the herion helps the canines escape their painful, doomed existance. I would then have the drug lords fund a Bob Barker Spade and Neuter event. Guys, clean up your image--- for the children.