A Tale Up In Smoke

Last week was a week of debouchery. I've never been so thankful for a Monday in my life. Granted I'm unemployed and it's a national holiday, nonetheless, my liver, my lungs and other organs are happy we can put the 7th week of 2006 behind us

One night this week I met up with a friend for some drinks. We went back to her apartment to enjoy some tabacco. We smoked it out of a small, metal pipe. It smelt different then other tobacco I've inhaled. I rarely smoke though, so what do I know. Though it could have been my friends tobacco. She's unemployed and can't afford normal tabacco. The stuff was so generic it just came in a little plastic sandwhich bag. No logo or anything. Kind of wacky, huh?

I travelled back to Brooklyn via the subway. When I got off the train I could have sworn some dude was following me. So I ducked into the a 24 our Asian market. Turns out I was really hungry for some reason. I bought three chipwiches and a frozen pizza. It's kind of amazing that an Asian market is so multicultural to sell pizza and American ice cream treats. Time passed and I figured it was safe to journey on towards my apartment. I looked down the street, I saw him. He looked just like a lurking lamp post. I hurried my tiny feet home. I looked back at regular intervals. Each time turned around I saw him, standing still like a lamp post. Though my pace continued to quicken he seemed to always be just as close as before. I made it inside my building somehow. I looked out the door. He was gone. Then I noticed the street light outside my building was out.

I'll try to do better tomorrow.