Romantic Travels

Funny how people came looking to Smallhands_ick for bitter scathing commentary on Valentine's Day. I'm not bitter because I'm not single. I've been in a relationship for seven years. Not there's anything wrong with being single. I mean some people choose to smoke crack some people choose to be single. To each there own. There are people who kill their neighbors, eat the bodies, and bury the severed heads in their backyard. Being single isn't any worse than that. Not much worse. I'm not here to judge.

I have to write that the food on Valentine's day surpasses that of Passover. Unlike Gefelta Fish roses are delicious. Valentine's Day also trumps Thanksgiving because you can eat whatever you want for dinner: Thai food, Chineese, Italian, Ice cream. Those Ice Creamers have quite the cuisine.

In fact that's where Jack took me last night. It was all such a surprise. Jack came over around noon and gave me an envelope. I thought maybe he had made me a doiley. I always wanted a doiley. But it was even better. When I opened up the envelope there sat two plane tickets to IceCreamia. Our flight left at 3pm with the time difference we arrived at 2:30pm. We spent most of the day wondering the frozen, creamed streets of IceCreamia's largest city, Bischoff. All the houses and shops are made of petrified waffle that the early settlers hollowed out with a rock polisher thingy like the one used in "Shawshank Redemption.". After the sun ran away Jack and I took a carriage ride out into the foothills of the Daz Mountains and gazed at the Milkyway. I enjoyed myself so much I entertained thoughts of retiring there.

It wasn't just the best Valentine's Day ever it was one of the best days ever. We just got back a couple of hours ago which is why this a late post.


MCC said…
jack is so sweet. i've always wanted to go to IceCreamia, you are one lucky girl.

i was informed by desiree that my links are fucked...1. because michelle collins is abover her and 2. because i spelled your name wrong.

i apologize.
it's just so easy.
Nicole said…
Every holiday must be pleasant in your head. :)