The Rabbit Didn't Die: Not that Kind of Late

I have been cautious as to post writings concerning my latest temp assignment, as on my first day I let it slip that I do stand-up and the office manager (for lack of a better title) immediately google searched me and found this blog. However, I no longer care.

I have temped at an equities company for a week and almost two days (5pm today will mark that 2nd day) and I have done almost nothing. I have answered the errant phone call, bound a couple of books, scanned two maybe 3 documents and filled out a couple of certified mail cards. Yesterday, one of the partners gave me a stack of mail to address right before lunch. By the time lunch was over they had taken the work away from me and given it to receptionist. So color me so surprised today when I got reprimanded for being late to work by 22 minutes. I was told that I need to be here on time and if I'm going to be late I need to call. Really? Well, I'll call when the 4 and 5 train call me and tell me they're running behind schedule. When Lee Sander (head of the MTA) calls me at 7:40 in the morning to let me know his trains aren't running on schedule and will be making unannounced stops in between station. I'll call in to your office to let you know I'm going to be late.

Because I know that there is a seat in a cube that is cold and if it is not warmed exactly by 9:00am all hell breaks loose. The pillars of capitalism begin to crumble. The four horsemen of the apocolypse ride on in and start slaying secretaries and the executives they assist. And even worse my email gets checked 22 minutes later than it would have, my horoscopes go unread nearly a half hour later than they would have otherwise, and catostrophes of catastrophes this blog doesn't get updated until nearly 10am.

Yes, lesson learned. I will demand Mayor Bloomberg allow cell phone towers in the subway.