Self indulgent

My whole entourage (my boyfriend Jack, my best friend Anna, and my fiance James) and I attended a bar-b-q this past weekend. We had fun eating meat cooked on an open flame, drinking alcoholic beverages, and conversing with people new to us. As the bar-b-q wore on I heard my boyfriend Jack berating one of the other party guests.

Jack was yelling, "Just call her! Jesus Christ, man. Are you going to stand here and belly-ache for the rest of your life or are you going to take your life in your hands?"

Jack has a very low tolerance for people who pity themselves and seek the pity of others. I guess because he's seen so many people who were struggling for survival who never once asked for anyone's help or pity, seeing a well fed American with both his eyes do it really grates on him.

The dude replied, "I did call her. I sent her a telepathic message two years ago and she never responded."

Jack countered, "Well, do you think that maybe she didn't get your telepathic message?"

"I sent her other telepathic messages in the past and she always responded. You know? I get it. She's not interested anymore. I don't know why or what happened."

"Did it ever occurr to you that she didn't get this telepathic message? Or she did and you didn't get her returned telepathic message and she also was thinking of her ego and not making another attempt at telepathy?"

"That doesn't seem likely. I mean, you know, she was in 'Nam, no one ever came back from there the same."

"How old is this girl?"


"When was she in Vietnam?"

"In 1994."

"What the fuck are you talking about dude?"

"Maybe she's crazy from her experience in Vietnam and now she just falls in and out of love at whim."

"First of all she probably wasn't in love with you. Secondly, maybe she did get your message but then she got sick or something bad happened and so she didn't call you back but then things were better but she felt stupid calling you back after a month or so passed. Or thirdly, maybe you prefer to live some fantasy world where she's the girl 'who got away' and it's all so tragic and dramatic. Or fourth, maybe you should stop thinking of yourself. If you really care about this girl and think she's having a mental breakdown from not fighting Vietgong in the mid 90s maybe she could use a friend. You could be that friend if you pulled your head out of your ass."

"What do you know about it, dude?"

"I know that self-inflicted limp of yours isn't going to get any better with you cursing the world for your predicament."

"That's incredibly rude to mention my club foot especially at a party. I struggle with this limp."

"You weren't born with the club foot, man. You abused your foot until it was clubbed. You deserve to be alone. Think of someone besides yourself sometime."

Then the club footed guy took a swing at Jack, but they were both so drunk the both fell backwards. Don't ask me how someone can throw a punch toward someone and fall backwards but this dude with the club foot did. I grabbed my boyfriend, apologized to the host and went upstairs so he could talk about sex with the more lighthearted guests.