Meteorologists can't predict the weather. What makes me think astrologers can predict my life. These days I'm reading around 7 seperate horoscopes a day. I'm highly addicted. I've tried quitting, but with Saturn opposing my sun, habit reforming ain't happening. I'm thinking of taking up drinking to cure me of my astrology addiction. You can't read a newspaper bleary eyed. But until this week's paycheck I remain sober and continue to read my horoscopes. I know the astrology is bullshit. How could any of it be true? Supposedly, for Virgos tonight is a great date night. Do you think that's true for the Virgos living in Annbar, Iraq?
My parents really want grandkids, but I'm not ready to have kids so I said to them how about I stay really immature and call you grandma and grandpa.


next week I'm hoping to get more writing done. I'm hoping to have more time for me.